Lunar Reaches For The Stars

Sat, 2001-01-13 00:00

Yesterday saw the third Annual Houghall Dog Show at East Durham College’s Houghall Campus.

The overall winner was Lunar, a black Labrador, who also won ‘waggiest tail’ and was also judged to have the best handler in student Amy Hudson-Ayre, who is 17 and from Seaham, and studying on the Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Animal Management.

The judges were college lecturer Dawn James and last year’s overall winner, student Gavin Stewart. “It was great to be on the judging panel this year. I thought I’d accept the invitation to be a judge to give the others a chance!”, Gavin said.

Dawn James added: “Lunar was an attractive dog with a lovely shiny coat, well presented, with beautiful eye colouring. He showed controlled movement and was shown by his handler to a very high standard.”

Best in show winner Amy said: “Although we’re not doing this as part of our course I think it’s a good idea because we get to practice lots of skills we’ve learned on the course.

“Lunar was amazing, I’m going to miss all the animals when I leave, they all have their own little personalities, I’ll definitely be calling back to visit them.”

The competition was organised this year by lecturers Jemima Hitchen and Amanda Bell. There were 10 categories including Prettiest Bitch, Best Biscuit Catcher and Waggiest Tail.

Amanda Bell remarked: “It’s been a wonderful afternoon and great fun for all the staff, students and dogs involved. It’s been a huge success and I’m looking forward to next year’s.”


The winners were as follows;
Best in Show: Amy Hudson-Ayre with Lunar
Reserve Best in Show: Shawnie Moore with Kim

Most Appealing Eyes:
1st Jonathan with Bracken.
2nd Beth Stubbs with Robyn.
3rd Mark Chaffer with Poppy.

Dog the judges most wanted to take home
1st Glen Simmons with Toby
2nd Shawni Moore
3rd Amy Bell with Butch

Prettiest Bitch:
1st Kirsty Atkinson with Suki.
2nd Daniel Arnold with Betsy.
3rd Naomi McCann with Florence

Handsome Dog:
1st Shawni Moore with Toby
2nd Leanne Thompson with Jerry
3rd Beth Stubbs with Max

Best Rescue:
1st Alex Foster with April.
2nd Shaun Richardson with Betsy.
3rd Tom Watson with Cassie.

Best Biscuit Catcher:
1st Kayleigh Nichols with Max
2nd Leanne Thompson with Jerry
3rd Rhiannon Ord with Betsy

Waggiest Tail:
1st Lunar
2nd Betty
3rd Lily

Longest ‘Leave it’
1st Amy Hudson-Ayre with Lunar
2nd Rhiannon Ord with Florence
3rd Leona Hussein with Bracken

In the Special Group:
1st Kirsty Atkinson with Prudence
2nd Rebecca Meikle with Phoebe
3rd Anthony Woods with Oodle