Mucking Around Leads To Award For Oliver

Fri, 2000-08-11 01:00

Not every newly enrolled student gets asked at the end of their first week at College if they would like to spend a week being put through their paces by the Royal Marines - but that’s exactly what happened to Oliver Pearn.

Oliver, aged 17, from Peterlee, is on a Diploma in Uniformed Public Services at East Durham College and was one of 13 students lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend a week at the Royal Marines commando training centre in Devon.

The group got to tackle the rough terrain of Woodbury Common and spend the week plastered in mud, running through rivers, scrambling through underground tunnels and repeatedly sprinting uphill whilst soaking wet.

This ‘teambuilding fun’ culminated in the group negotiating the famous ‘sheep dip’, a tunnel filled with water that the group were pushed and pulled through.

Gill Draper, Lecturer in Uniformed Public Services, said: “It soon became obvious to me and the Royal Marines Instructors that Oliver was displaying considerable persistence, courage and determination.

“His tenacious attitude lasted throughout the week, despite numerous daunting challenges such as the famous Royal Marines’ assault course, and the Instructors made special mention of Oliver and how impressed they had been with his attitude and performance.

“It is for Oliver’s excellent performance throughout this challenging week that I am delighted to be able to announce that he has been awarded the student of the month for Uniformed Public Services.”

Oliver, who hopes the course will help him on the road to fulfil his dream of becoming a paramedic, added: “I absolutely love the course and the outdoor actives are great. I enjoyed the trip and it was really useful to help with my physical fitness. It also gave me a great insight into military life.”

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