National Dyslexia Awareness Week

Tue, 23/10/2001 - 01:00

Today marks the start of Dyslexia Awareness Week.

Dyslexia is a very common problem within the UK with an estimated 10% of the population diagnosed with the problem.

And dyslexia week, which is set up by the British Dyslexia Association, aims to make people more aware of the problem and the challenges people with dyslexia face.

Around the world there are a great number of people that have overcome the condition to have highly successful careers.

People such as Holly Willoughby, Quentin Tarantino, Keira Knightley, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Joss Stone, Guy Ritchie, Florence Welch, Noel Gallagher, Whoopi Goldberg, Jamie Oliver, Ross Noble and Sir Steve Redgrave have all managed to have amazing careers despite being dyslexic.

If you are a current student at the College and have any concerns about dyslexia please contact your Personal Learning Coach.

You can find more information about the condition and Dyslexia awareness week by visiting the British Dyslexia Association Site which can be found here.