New Record Label Launched

Thu, 06/04/2000 - 01:00

A group of East Durham College students today launched a new record label.

Nine students from media studies and performing arts have set up Hot Desk Records in conjunction with the Young Enterprise Scheme.

This flagship project aims to find the best talent from the region and then record and distribute the artists’ music through CD, vinyl and online downloads.

Hot Desk Records is aiming to prove that they are able to compete with even the biggest of major labels.

This launch, which took part during Global Entrepreneurship Week, featured performances by some of the stars of the future.

Managing Director, Felicity Brand, said: "Hot Desk Records has an aim to become a leading independent recording label.

"We have loads of amazing artists and performers in the area and this company will provide them with the chance to be heard and us the opportunity to make money - everybody wins."