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Our Careers Programme

Careers Leader

East Durham College has formed a Careers Leadership Team to fulfil the function of the College’s Careers Leader and lead on the College’s Careers Programme.

The team is made up of: Carina Tomlinson & Jackie Owen from the College’s Leadership Group, Alistair Cummins-MacLeod & Gillian Hales from Student Services & Careers Advise Service, Curriculum Directors Lindsay Haggis (Houghall), Simon Smith (Peterlee & Technical Academy) and Chris English (Peterlee), Simone Collpits & Kelly King from the Quality Team and Aimey Adamson Director of Inclusive Learning and head of our SEND provision.

This team will be reviewed each academic year as well as following any staff changes.

Operational Careers Leader: Gillian Hales

The college's Careers programme is published in the Careers Advice section of the website.

Current students can access the Careers Programme calendar through the college's Moodle site, via displays in college corridors and noticeboards or by asking their Progression Coach.

Parents/Carers can access information on the Careers Programme through their child’s Progression Coach.

Other agencies such as local authorities, secondary schools, North East LEP, Durham Works, National Careers Service, One Point and careers organisations can access the programme via the calendar on the Careers Advice page or contacting the Operational Careers Leader for more information.

Career Research

If you are looking for information on career options, job vacancies and labour market information you can access Careers Explorer or the college's Careers Facebook page.

Higher Education

For advice about Higher Education students can access the 'Going to Uni' page on the Moodle home page, the university section of the Careers Moodle page, the FutureMe website at or the Careers Facebook page.

Evaluation of Careers Programme

The Careers programme is evaluated in a number of different ways in order to capture feedback on activities:

  1. The destinations of learners after leaving their courses. The College commission an external company to report back on the destinations of learners which is reported back in the IRL and to the local authority.
  2. The UCAS final destinations report of students progressing to Higher Education.
  3. Parents surveys completed on parents’ evenings at each campus.
  4. The Gatsby Evaluation visit and report.
  5. Tell us what you think forms completed after one to one careers appointments.
  6. Student voice feedback submitted to Senior Leadership and the Board of Governors.
  7. Annual audit as part of the North East Ambition College Careers Hub.
  8. The Matrix re-evaluation process.
  9. The Student Services SAR report.
  10. The national QDP benchmarked survey which students complete three times a year.
  11. Employer work experience and placement reports.
  12. Ad hoc feedback from students, parents/carers, schools in the region and other external agencies.