Papua New Guinea Visit

Fri, 04/02/2000 - 00:00

East Durham College was thrilled to host a high profile visit from Papua New Guinea this week.

Government representative Joseph Dorpar visited the College as part of a very special task to observe further education programmes and to analyse where best practice could be taken back to be used in the educational system in Papua New Guinea. His visit also helped to strengthen a number of strategic links which will help progress the educational agenda in his home country. 

The visit follows up a landmark, first ever visit by a Papua New Guinea government representative to a UK educational institution, when Government Representative Kero Bagel visited East Durham College in May last year to launch the initiative.  

Joseph, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Madang Province, will be responsible for leading developments in Technical and Vocational educational in the province. East Durham College was seen as an ideal establishment for his task, housing a wealth of programmes from traditional landbased educational, through to vocational and academic programmes, as well as higher educational courses.

Joseph seeks to strengthen links between East Durham College and that of Madang Technical College, in the provincial capital of Madang town. Madang Technical College is a nationally funded college which serves students in the province with follow-on courses that meet technical employment standards and apprenticeship style training. The college specialises in Building, Construction, Plumbing and Sheet Metal, Furniture and Timber Trades, Painting and Sign-writing, Office Admin and Tourism and Hospitality. Although not a large college at present, it hopes that Joseph’s visit will help highlight ways in which it can grow in order to meet and support the emerging industries in the province, including mining and processing, maritime, tourism, retail and financial services sectors.

College Principal and Chief Executive Ian Prescott commented: “This is a wonderful opportunity to share best educational practice across nations and it continues to be an honour to have been selected as the chosen educational institution of Papua New Guinea government representatives. I’m sure the links will continue to prove as enlightening for ourselves as we hope it will be for Madang Technical College.”