Paul And The Giant Parsnip!

Mon, 01/05/2000 - 01:00

Students at East Durham College’s Houghall Campus had a bit of a shock when they tried to pull up their crop of parsnips, as one of them was a giant!

The parsnips were grown in the College vegetable plot by the Land Based Foundation (LBF) students. There were a number of very good sized specimens but there was one that took a bit of extra pulling. The giant weighed in at almost 2kg.

Student Paul Hennessy, who unearthed the monster vegetable, said: “When we sowed the parsnip seed I never thought it would get that big. I tried to pull it up and it was like something from the story about the giant turnip!”

Tutor John O’Neil has worked in Horticulture all his life but said he had never seen a parsnip as big. He added; “I have tried to grow show veg with LBF students in the past, but we have never grown such a large parsnip and we didn’t do anything special so it was quite a surprise.”

Jemima Hichen, an Animal Care Lecturer, commented; “It reminds me of the Cerne Abbas Giant!!”