Peter Jones Enterprise Academy Student Successfully Re-brands Local Primary School with his Innovative Logo Design

Wed, 18/09/2019 - 13:42

The future is looking bright in business for East Durham College Peter Jones academy student Callum Wade, as he recently rebranded Ribbon Academy, a local primary school in Murton.

Ribbon Academy has already implemented Callum’s design onto school uniforms and lanyards, as well on signs from the main reception and primary school through to the day care centre. John Murray, the academy’s Site Manager, revealed the plans to change the final few remaining old logos on larger things such as the school busses next year. The design has also been incorporated as a centrepiece in the schools ongoing memorial garden project. Not only is the logo professional and appealing in its design but it also signifies the school’s ethos. This is one of the main things John said he liked about the design; it captures the whole essence of the school. The logo itself embodies the image of a growing tree, “It’s all about growing together, that’s the message” said John.

Our Peter Jones Academy lecturer, Catherine Taylor, says Callum’s success is a “huge inspiration” and that she’s “incredibly proud and excited for his future in Business…it’s an incredible opportunity for a student at the College to be given a project like this, to see it live just shows that anything is possible.”

Callum designed the logo on his own using a free online design site and it’s clear to see he has a natural talent for branding and design. When asked about his success and what this means for future he said, “It has been a very enjoyable experience, I enjoy making logos and I’d love to pursue a career in graphic design.”

Mrs A. Sheridan, the headteacher at Ribbon Academy, admired Callum for his “massive achievement” in redesigning the logo, whilst John confirmed he has successfully “rebranded Ribbon Academy”. John also revealed it’s made him certain in his plans to work with more East Durham College students in the future, to “expand into other areas” such as decorating, design and construction projects within the academy.

Callum is about to start the second year of his studies on our Peter Jones Enterprise Academy course. The Enterprise Academy focuses on allowing students to master key entrepreneurial traits through practical projects and encouraging students to ‘turn their business dreams into reality’ – and for Callum, the course has done just that.

East Durham College has no doubts that Callum will go far in any career path he goes onto pursue and with his natural creativity we can’t wait to see what designing and branding projects Callum undertakes in the future!

For more information on our Peter Jones Enterprise Academy based at East Durham College’s Peterlee campus, click here.