East Durham College Uniformed Public Services students hand over a cheque for £150 to PC Ian Squire

Public Services Students Handover Fundraising Cash

Wed, 2002-07-17 01:00

East Durham College Uniformed Public Services students hand over a cheque for £150 to PC Ian Squire

Students from East Durham College’s Uniformed Public Services department have handed over a cheque to a local police dogs charity after a fundraising day.

The group of 16 students from the Peterlee-based College dedicated a whole day to raising funds through a number of different activities, such as raffles and getting donations from people to throw cold wet sponges at members of staff in the stocks.

Altogether the group raised £150 which they handed over to Paws Up, the Durham Retired Police Dogs Benevolent Fund.

Historically, there has been no provision to assist with the day to day costs of looking after the animals as they put their ‘paws up'. It is the responsibility of the handler or new owner to cover general costs and often considerable vets’ bills etc.

Durham Police Dog Support Unit has recently implemented a benevolent fund to support retired Police Dogs, acting as a pension fund for dogs who have retired from active duty.

Uniformed Public Services Course Leader at East Durham College, Gill Draper said: “The group came up with some excellent fundraising ideas this year and worked hard to ensure they made as much money as possible on the fundraising day.

“The students work very closely with Durham Police throughout their course so they were very pleased to be able to help this very worthwhile cause.”

PC Ian Squire from Paws Up said: “We have been delighted with the enthusiasm and enterprise shown by the students in raising such a fabulous amount of money for Paws Up.

“This has been a hugely successful way for Durham Police to engage with local students by interacting with the Dog Support Unit.’’

You can find details on donating to the Paws Up charity at www.pawsup.org.uk

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