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Pupil Premium Statement

Academic Year 2015/16

The College fully utilised Pupil Premium in an attempt to improve outcomes for the most disadvantaged students. Engage had seven pupils on roll who received pupil premium in 2015/16, which amounted to £6,545.

The income was utilised to purchase counselling services, educational and inspirational trips, visits and to reduce class sizes. The rationale for reducing the number of pupils in the class was that this would improve the quality of teaching and learning, for example by increasing the amount one to one attention learners receive. The trips were to provide motivation for learners. Counselling services were utilised to assist in the removal of barriers to learning.

71% of learners, in receipt of Pupil premium achieved in maths and English with two learners completing two levels.

The Current Year 2016-2017

The current forecast for the amount of pupil premium the school will receive in the academic year 2016-2017 is £11,220. This is an increase in the amount of funding from the previous year with twelve students in receipt of funding. We intend to ensure the money is fully utilised to narrow the achievement gap between pupil premium students and their peers and to further improve on the successes seen last year. The strategies in place are designed to impact over the long term on outcomes for students.

60% (£6,732) is allocated to actions focussed on learning in the curriculum this includes: contribution towards staffing of small groups for maths, English and Science, resources to aid learning.

20% (£2,244) is allocated to actions focussed on social, emotional and behavioural issues: counselling service, provision of uniform - to ensure that all students feel like they belong.

20% (£2,244) is allocated to actions focussed on enrichment beyond the curriculum: trips to raise aspirations, rewards for positive contribution, awards.