Quality Award For College

Sun, 13/08/2000 - 01:00

Following a recent assessment East Durham College has been accredited with the new ‘14-19 Framework for Quality’ Stage 1. This makes East Durham College one of the first organisations in the county to gain this new accreditation and the first FE College.

Gail Crossman, Assistant Principal for Performance and Standards at the College, explained: “The framework began as a working group with representatives from local schools, colleges and training providers. It was commissioned by Durham County Council 14-19 Partnership to become a kite mark award.”

The Partnership have driven the framework forward so it can become a kite mark for organisations - demonstrating and ensuring consistent delivery, and learning opportunities of the highest standard, for all learners accessing education in the County strengthened by high quality partnership working. The Stage 1 award focuses on systems and targets, and actions to ensure each is met in full.

Mrs Crossman added: “It was a great way for East Durham College to show the great work we and our partners do for young people in the region.”

Shirley Fall, the Lead Quality Assessor from Education Development Services, Durham Local Authority, said: “I was very impressed with the College’s thorough monitoring of targets and performance at all levels. Course reviews were robust.

“The Service Level Agreement for franchise partners was exactly what I’d imagined would be produced when the criteria was developed - I plan to share it as a template as exemplary practice.”

Margaret Bell, 14-19 Partnership Director, remarked: “I would like to pass on my congratulations to East Durham College for achieving the award. The Quality Framework is supported by our schools, colleges and work-based learning providers and it demonstrates the commitment of 14-19 learning providers in the County to partnership working.”

The next stage will be for the College to gain the Stage 2 accreditation with focuses on impact and outcomes.

The Partnership will be actively promoting the Quality Framework to providers, learners, parents and employers to make sure they know the benefits of linking into a provider who has achieved the accreditation.