Uniformed Public Services Student Wearing Tactical Vest

Safeguard Clothing Donation Enhances Uniformed Public Services Student Experience

Thu, 2018-11-22 11:50

- Worn by EDC Level 2 Uniformed Public Services student Harry Brown

In line with East Durham College’s mission to provide outstanding teaching and learning facilities and resources, the college is pleased to announce a new donation from SafeGuard Clothing. The international manufacturer and distributor of premium body armour has pledged one of its industry-leading tactical body armour vests to the Uniformed Public Service department based at our Peterlee Campus. It will be used for role-play and detailed technical analysis, giving students a deeper understanding of safety levels and threats.

Thomas Bowman, speaking on behalf of SafeGuard Clothing, said: “We believe access to body armour should be something all students in Public Services courses can take advantage of. Safeguard’s applied industry based model in our manufacturing process is achieved through continuous and strong collaborations with the Police, MOD, Fire Service and Ambulance services. This allows us to really enhance the quality of our tactical vests. Now, the brand is focusing on sharing this knowledge and helping students academically and professionally.”

College lecturer Wayne Cotterill added: “Lecturing staff at East Durham College will be able to improve their training methods with equipment from an industry leader like this, giving students experience of using this sort of police, military and security personnel safety equipment is vital - enhancing the student experience in the classroom. This fantastic donation from SafeGuard supplements that experience with the best practical experience possible. First-hand experience with modern body armour better prepares our students for a career in a range of uniformed public service after they leave college.

“Staff at the college are committed to creating a positive and dynamic learning environment; one, where students gain access to the latest developments in the field of public safety and this gives them a considerable advantage in knowing how to stay safe in their possible line of future work for the public services.”

SafeGuard Clothing is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of body armour and is involved in research and development for new materials to enhance the wearability of protective body armour for front line services.