2016 Maths Challenge winners Seham School with East Durham College principal Suzanne Duncan

Seaham School of Technology Crowned Maths Champions For 2016

Wed, 2016-03-23 16:36

Teams of budding mathematicians have taken part in this year’s annual East Durham Schools Maths Challenge.

The event, which took place today in The Lubetkin Theatre at East Durham College’s Peterlee Campus, saw nine teams of four battle it out for top mathematical honours.

The teams from Apollo Studio Academy, Dene Community School, Easington Academy, Seaham School of Technology and St. Bedes all took part in the annual event.

Presided over by East Durham College governor Fred Harrison, the Year 10 and 11 students took part in six fiercely competed rounds, which included a mix of maths questions and problem solving tasks.

Seaham School prevailed with an impressive winning score of 44 points in a tight contest, finishing just one point ahead of runners-up Easington Academy with 43 points.

The winning team from Seaham School were Year 10’s Charlie Vardy, 15, Reece Simpson, 15, Thomas Soady, 14, and Jarryd Robinson, 14.

 Seaham School student, Jarryd Robinson, said: “We really enjoyed being part of the maths challenge. We really enjoyed the practical tasks as our strengths were really tested, but it was great to be able to come together and work as a team and it’s a fantastic feeling to be taking back this trophy.”

Suzanne Duncan, Principal at East Durham College, who presented the trophies, added: “Now in its 32nd year, the schools maths challenge is always an outstanding event, I’m delighted that you’re all in the college taking part in the maths challenge again.

“The maths challenge is a great way to help instil the spirit of competition and teamwork, but also brings some fun to this incredibly important subject. 

“I’m delighted with the enthusiasm the students have shown and the judges were very impressed with their academic knowledge and ability to use their initiative.

“Congratulation to the winners and I would like to thank all the local schools for taking the time to take part in the event today.”