Sean receives his Student of the Month award from College Principal Suzanne Duncan

Sean Takes IT Award for December

Sat, 2002-01-05 00:00

Sean Boyes has been received a Student of the Month award for his work on his IT course at East Durham College this month.

Sean is currently in the second year of his IT Course at the College. He received the award along with 12 others at a graduation style ceremony at East Durham College’s Scene 1 restaurant on Monday.

Ruth Cabourne, lecturer in IT put Sean forward for an award this month for Sean’s fantastic attendance as well as his work in class on the course.

She said: “Sean has been fantastic since starting his second year in September. He has a great attendance record this year and hasn’t missed a session so far this term which include his tutorials and GCSE English classes.

“In lessons Sean works well independently and is always polite. He is always prepared for lessons and does not moan just gets his head down and on with his task.

Sean is always committed to achieving his tasks to the best of his ability and works on the feedback given to him to improve. He always hands in his work on time and is always aiming for higher grades.”