Shane Amer receives his Student of the Month award from College Principal Suzanne Duncan

Shane picks up the December Student of the Month award in Arboriculture

Wed, 2002-01-09 00:00

Arboriculture student Shane Amer has received a Student of the Month award for his work on his course in December.  

Shane, 16 from Framwellgate Moor is in the first year of His Arboriculture course at the College’s Houghall Campus. He received the award along with 12 others at a graduation style ceremony at East Durham College’s Scene 1 restaurant on Monday.

Dawn James, lecturer at the Houghall Campus praised Shane for his positive enthusiasm towards work and the positive outlook Shane has towards the subject.

She said: “Shane’s enthusiasm for the subject is second to none. This is evident in all aspects of his work on the course, especially in his assignment work where he enjoys researching and presenting relevant topics.  

“He has an excellent relationship with his peers who he often assists in lessons without the prompt from staff.

“Shane always has a smile on his face and has a fantastic positive outlook on life, everyone who has worked with him at the College is sure he will go far.”