Shelby Owens in the atrium at the Peterlee Campus

Shelby Set To Take To The Sky For Charity

Thu, 2014-09-11 17:05

East Durham College Health & Social Care student Shelby Owens is set for her first parachute jump this weekend.

A brave East Durham College student is set to soar up high in the air, and then jump, in aid of charity this weekend.

Health and social care student, Shelby Owens will take to the sky this weekend to do her first ever parachute jump to help mark her 18th birthday.

And caring Shelby, from Peterlee, decided that she wanted to turn the birthday experience into a charity challenge and to help raise money for a worthwhile cause.

So, between Shelby and her peers at the College, she chose to raise money for The Great North Air Ambulance.

Shelby, who recently became one of two student governors at East Durham College, said: “This started off as silly idea that I just wanted to do, I simply thought it would be a good way to celebrate my birthday.

“But when I got talking about it in college with friends I realised it could be a great way to get fundraising for a great cause.

“We talked amongst the class and did some research and thought the Great North Air Ambulance would be a great fit.

“They work extremely hard all year round and are a service that helps such a vast area and needs funds to operate, so I felt they deserved any money we could raise.”

And Shelby believes that if it wasn’t for the amazing year she has had, which has seen her lose eight stone, she wouldn’t have had the confidence to go out and do something like this.

Shelby added: “I’m really proud at what I have done over the last year. Losing that weight was a real achievement and it has given me a whole new outlook and a new found confidence.

“I would never have done something like this, this time last year. I’m really looking forward to it.”