Shelby Owens

Shelby Takes Home Care Award

Fri, 2002-09-20 01:00

Shelby Owens has been selected for an East Durham College Student of the Month award for the work on her Care course in March.

Shelby, 17, from Peterlee is studying on the level 3 health and social care course and is hoping to go on to study nursing at either Northumbria or Teesside University.

Shelby was praised for her mature attitude and high standard of work.

Care lecturer at East Durham College, Julie Knowles said: “Shelby shows a mature attitude towards her work. She produces written work to a very high standard.

“She always receives excellent feedback for her placement were she cares for elderly people.  She is also an excellent peer for other students in class and has taken on the role of class rep where she voices the views of students in her class meetings."