Sparky Lecturer Goes On Busman's Holiday

Wed, 07/03/2001 - 00:00

A dedicated college lecturer took two days out on his recent holidays to teach at the Tennessee Technology Center at Nashville in the USA.

Michael was holidaying in America with his family for his 50th Birthday but before his departure from the UK he contacted the centre and asked if he could pop in to teach the students about the practices of electrical engineers in the UK and in turn learn about the practices in the US.

Michael Mangan, an Electrical Lecturer at East Durham College’s Technical Academy in Peterlee, taught at two of their campus at Lexington and another in Henderson.

Michael said: “What a great experience! It was a challenge for both the students and I as we use different terminology for pretty much everything.

“I’ve taken so much away from my two days there and I can’t wait to apply this to my normal job at The Technical Academy.”

Jack Wilson from the Tennessee Technology Center added: “It’s been great to have Michael over and if he’s back in America next year I’d like him to come on field trip with the students to local businesses as part of the maintenance curriculum.”

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