St. Anthony's Girls School Visit

Sun, 14/05/2000 - 01:00

Over 200 pupils from St. Anthony’s Girls’ School have been seeing first hand what life on a working farm is like. The girls’ school that serves the City of Sunderland has pupils spending time at East Durham College’s Houghall Campus over the next two days.

Miss Helen Downy, Subject Leader in Geography at St. Anthony’s, said: “The school has brought pupils to Houghall for many years as part of Key Stage 3’s agriculture unit of the course. They start work on a project prior to the visit and then get to see the theory in practice.

“The pupils have absolutely loved the experience and certainly got a lot out of it. It’s great to time the visit with lambing and the girls got to see a lamb born and another fostered.”

Pupil Eleanor Osada, aged 13 from Sunderland, really enjoyed the visit and said: “It was really nice. The trip was a good experience and we really learnt a lot.”

The student got to see a number of different live stock including sheep, pigs, hens and a number of exotics in the animal care unit. They also saw a number of crops that are grown at Houghall.

Mr Peter Whitfield, Farm Manager and Programme Leader at the College, added; “It has been an absolute pleasure to show the pupils what Houghall and what we do is all about. They have all been very engaged and interested, asking lots of intelligent questions.

“It is great that they have been so well prepared by their teachers so they have learnt as much as possible from the day. I’m sure they got a great insight into UK Geography and Agriculture.”

Pupil Elle Spraggon, 13 also from Sunderland added: “The best bit was actually seeing a lamb being born and getting to hold the lambs. It was cool.”

If you want to find out more about land based courses at East Durham College you can visit the Houghall Open Day on Sunday 23rd May, 10am till 4pm. There’ll be loads of activities and demonstrations running throughout the day.