Strong By Name, Strong By Nature

Wed, 15/03/2000 - 00:00

Ross Strong, a Learner Support Assistant at East Durham College, has signed up to become a professional wrestler. Ross, aged 24, from Easington Colliery, joined Three Count Wrestling (3CW) about 3 months ago and had his debut fight on Friday 25th September, at the Billingham Synthonia Social Club.

Ross said, “Wrestling has always been a secret passion of mine. It really started from watching WWF as a kid. Tom Billington aka ‘Dynamite Kid’ was an absolute hero of mine – still is my idol.  “I have always enjoyed contact sport and did a lot of mixed martial arts, but was desperate to get into the wrestling game. I was searching the net for a wrestling training gym and as luck would have it 3CW had just moved to Hartlepool. “I think I must be the first pro wrestler from Easington, I’m bouncing with excitement about my first fight and hope it is just the start of things.” When asked what name he will fight under, “Well Ross Strong of course - why not!”

Other grapple fans are being encouraged to go into the ring after the wrestling firm set up its new home in Hartlepool. 3CW was set up in 2004, and has been running shows across various venues in the North East.

Mike Groom, promoter with 3CW says youngsters aged 12 and upwards are being encouraged to take up the sport - and there’s no upper age limit! He added, “People have various perceptions of wrestling as a sport. They remember the old days with Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks, and the more recent American WWE Smackdown and Raw. “We are somewhere in the middle of all that. A lot of hard work goes into being a pro wrestler.”

Following his first bout Ross said, "it was absolutely amazing!”. My ‘character’ came in second to Surf Graffiti who cheated after I kicked him out of the ring."