East Durham College first year student Shenice Smith with lecturer Sandra Joyce and Eugune

Student Hairdresser Proves She's Razor Sharp

Sun, 2002-02-10 00:00

A hairdressing student has been singled out for praise due to the passion she has been showing for her course.

East Durham College first year student Shenice Smith, from Peterlee, has picked up a Student of the Month Award in recognition of her hard work since joining the College last September.

And the 16-year-old’s lecturer, Sandra Joyce, has described Shenice as a model student. Sandra, who spoke at the prize giving ceremony, said Shenice showed a real passion for the subject area and that this was resulting in her working well above what would be expected of a new level 1 student.

“Shenice is focused, hardworking, enthusiastic and dedicated; she has an excellent attitude to learning and is always the last to leave the practical classes or take a break, she’s clearly got a real passion for the subject,” said Sandra.

“Her written work is always completed on time and her assignments to date have all been merit or distinction standard.

“She’s a model student, always fully focused on the tasks in-hand and is working to a very high standard particularly given she’s a level 1 student,” Sandra added.

The former Academy at Shotton Hall school pupil said she was very proud to have been nominated for the award.

Shenice said: “I’m absolutely loving my course and have made some really good friends. I am enjoying everything on the course, especially colouring. I feel really proud to have been given this award.”

But Shenice has not just been wowing teaching staff at the College, she has also impressed bosses at a local salon where she has a part time job.

Lynsey Soakell, who runs Razor Light on Beverley Way in Peterlee, and hairdresser Linzi Wilkinson said they both think Shenice is a great worker and picks up new techniques very quickly.

“Shenice is a very good worker and is willing to try new things; and because she listens so well she’s able to pick new things up really fast.

“She has a great attitude and is very easy going. Shenice a pleasure to have around the salon.”

Lynsey, herself a former student of the College, explained that Shenice had shown some amazing dedication since starting at the Salon too.

“She sometimes comes in to help out on the twilight shift after completing a full day at the College. She even does some extra shifts on a voluntary basis just to get some more experience. I’m sure she’ll do very well,” Lynsey added.