Alice Brown, Former EDC Foundation Student

Alice Brown

It is always thrilling to see our students succeed, particularly for Alice Brown, a former Foundation student at the East Durham College Houghall campus in Durham.

Alice, who is now working as both a taxi escort and as a volunteer at Stray Aid, looking after adoption dogs, has developed greatly over her time at the college.

Alice first arrived at the Houghall campus in 2014, after completing school at the Education Village at the Houghton Academy in Darlington. Suffering from anxiety, Alice found her first term at the college difficult. The college's Foundation department supported Alice at all times throughout her time at the college and despite the nervous start, Alice began to overcome her anxiety, settling into college life, making new friends and developing and demonstrating a highly positive approach to all given tasks.

Alice Brown.jpgAlways punctual and always maintaining outstanding attendance, despite personal reasons, Alice was a fantastic example of a young person determined to do well at college.

Alice's passion for animals was evident throughout her time at college; this was clearly demonstrated throughout all practical tasks undertaken with both small animal care and farm animals. This passion for animals enabled Alice to complete Entry Level 2 and Entry Level 3 , and later to complete to a Land-Based Operations and Employability course at Level 1.

We have had the pleasure of seeing a young girl mature and blossom into a capable young woman during her time with us. Alice has developed an abundance of transferable skills, and has clearly built in her confidence through her time at the college.

In her final year Alice even started driving lessons, successfully passed her test and - with support from the college - progressed into her employment.

We'd like to congratulate Alice on her achievements both during and after college, and wish her all the best for her bright future.