Annelise Lewis, Former Land & Wildlife Student

Annelise Lewis

It’s always great to hear about our former students’ successes, particularly when they land their dream job.

Annelise Lewis, 29, from Houghton-le-Spring, studied at East Durham College’s Houghall Campus on a Level 3 Diploma in Land & Wildlife Management from 2016 to 2018.

The former Kepier School student decided to enrol at Houghall as she’d previously studied at there when she left school and this environmental, conservation-based course really appealed to her.

Annelise said: “East Durham College’s Houghall campus is absolutely gorgeous; it has great outdoor spaces that really suited to the course.

“The course itself was extremely interesting and I really enjoyed all of the modules. It was really well taught and doing all the practical work really helped me gain an understanding of a wide range of conservation methods and activities.

“Adam (the lead lecturer) is really knowledgeable and always happy to help and support you, even if it’s just for a chat.”

As part of the course, students need to go out on a work placement. Annelise completed hers for WWT (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust) at the Washington Wetland Reserve, with their environmental education team, and this led to Annelise then being offered an actual job with them.

Annelise explains: “I really enjoyed the placement and it was a great opportunity to get work experience with such a fantastic name in the world of conservation. I was absolutely delighted when the Trust were then able to offer me a job.

“I’m now working as a learning assistant for the Trust looking after school visits and activities. I’m doing a job I’m truly passionate about, so continuing down this route is perfect for me, I can help to promote how to care for our planet and reduce our impact on nature.

We asked Annelise what she enjoyed most about working in the industry she’s now in.

“The kids! Nature and the environment are so important to us and being able to teach and help shape future generations into taking action is really rewarding. Plus, I have the chance to work with different departments meaning I am always learning new skills and getting to see some exceptional wildlife,” Annelise remarked.             

So, what would she say to anyone else thinking about taking this course at Houghall?      

Annelise said: “If you’re really interested in this area then Houghall and the land and wildlife course can provide you with an excellent foundation to start your career in this amazing sector.

“I can’t thank my lecturers enough for giving me a push to try new things which has really helped me in my career. It’s been amazing.”

If you’d like more information, please check out the Land & Wildlife course section of the website.