British Barbers Association certificates

Jess Filby & Amy Hughes

Jess Filby (30, Hartlepool) and Amy Hughes (31, Peterlee) are former Level 2 Barbering Students who have both been awarded titles as National Student Barber of the Year 2019 by the British Barbers Association (BBA) for their work in various categories. They headed down to London earlier this week to receive their awards with industry professional and EDC lecturer Allison Brightwell.

The BBA is ‘the voice of barbers, male grooming salons and men's hairdressers’, it is recognised nationally across the Barbering and Hairdressing industry. The BBA works with government bodies, sector skills councils and masters in the field of Barbering to make an impact on education and learning and shape the future of the Barbering industry.

At the BBA National Student Barber Competition award ceremony, held in the Barber Surgeons Hall in London, Jess and Amy received their certificates, trophies and other prizes. Jess achieved 1st place in the Precision, Creative Cut and Finish category while Amy placed 3rd in category for Facial Hair Design. Two outstanding achievements from a nationally recognised awarding body, and two amazing titles to hold.

Amy and Jess are successfully completing their final year on our Level 3 Barbering Course but are both continuing to gain quality industry knowledge by working alongside their studies. Amy now works in a Sunderland based salon while Jess works at a salon based in Durham.

Our salon professionals here at EDC continuously encourage students to get involved with competitions like this one, to grow their confidence and see what they can achieve through hard work and determination. The titles Jess and Amy now hold will not only confirm their skills and confidence in the craft of Barbering but are recognised nationally, helping them progress in their careers.

EDC is proud to be a part of Jess and Amy’s journey of mastering the art of Barbering, an industry that holds endless exiting opportunities! If you’d like to hear more about our available Barbering and Hairdressing courses, please click here.