Students Get An Insight Into The Police Service

Mon, 30/07/2001 - 01:00

POLICE VIDEO: East Durham College students with PCSE Anneka Davis and Amanda Jepson (Photo by Sunderland Echo)

The next generation to uphold law and order is passing on the message about the work of its peers.

East Durham College’s uniformed public services team has been working with Peterlee police to produce a video about the role of the force.

Students from the Peterlee-based college have also targeted shopping areas and streets to talk to residents and businesses and dispel assumptions about crime levels while highlighting successes.

Inspector Dave Coxon, who has overseen the project, said: “It’s not just about them finding out about what police officers do, but about looking at the support we offer our communities.

“As part of the video, they’ve been interviewing police and staff about their role and then we’re going to use that to educate and inform our local groups.

“They’ve also been doing some work in the town area around antisocial behaviour to challenge people’s perception on crime in the area.”

The 12-week project aims to prepare students for entry into the uniformed or public services sector, as well as a route into higher education.

Careers it may lead to include the Armed Services, HM Customs and Excise, the emergency services and the HM Coastguard.