(L-R) Ben Newsome, James Twidale, Nathan Harbottle, Jennifer Hargrave, Jack Fletcher, Abbey Bell and Katy Stringer on a bridge in Durham City

Students' Success Busking On Durham Streets

Sun, 2002-05-12 01:00

A group of students from East Durham College took their musical talents to the streets to earn some extra cash and gain a new experience.

10 students from the music department at East Durham College went busking to Durham’s Market Square last week.

The exercise was set up by the department to give the students some experience and give them the confidence to go out busking in the future.

The students spent two hours in Durham and made over £50 which will go back to the department to help fund future excursions.

Marc Oliver, Lecturer in Music at East Durham College, hailed the trip as a fantastic experience for the students.

Marc said: “We put on the trip to give these students some experience of performing in a new situation.

“The performance around the Market Square in Durham helped give the students a new boost of confidence, and it introduced them to a new kind of live performance they have never encountered before.

“It also showed the students that by going out and performing in Durham they could use their fantastic talents to make themselves a little bit of extra money, as well as gaining more experience performing.”