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Supported Internships at East Durham College

At East Durham College, we are extremely passionate about giving opportunities to young people, regardless of their background.

Our supported internship programme is aimed at young people aged 16-24 who have an Eductional Health Care Plan and want to move into employment, but need extra support in order to do so.

The overwhelming majority of young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) are capable of sustainable paid employment with the right preparation and support. At East Durham College, we support our SEN students with courses that provide pathways into employment, with a clear focus on preparing our students with SEN for the world of work. 

The Aims of the Supported Internship Programme

With the supported internship programme at East Durham College, we can support young people with SEN by:

  • Helping them to achieve sustainable, paid employment 
  • Developing skills valued by employers
  • Giving the learner the tools they need to demonstrate their value to the workplace
  • Develop learner confidence in their own abilities, in order to perform successfully at work
  • Help to change the perception of employers about employing people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities
  • Improving the learner's English and mathematical skills to prepare them for work, including handling money, interacting with the public, and practising interview skills
  • Helping learners to travel independently, to and from work

Are You an Employer? Get Involved with the Supported Internship Programme at East Durham College!

As an employer, you are poised to make an impact to make a change to the lives of students with SEN. There are many benefits to joining East Durham College's supported internship programme, including:

  • Getting involved in a new, ground-breaking project, designed to improve the lives of young people with SEN
  • The supported internship programme is FREE
  • Supporting disabled customers - the UK alone has ten million disabled customers, equating to 20% of all customers. With an annual spending power of £80 billion, having a disability-inclusive workforce can enable employers to understand disabilities, and how to interact with customers with SEN
  • Access to specialist job matching
  • Free recruitment company - East Durham College will help you with your recruitment
  • In-work training, provided by a job coach
  • Acts as an extended working interview, giving you an increased chance of getting the right person
  • Disability awareness training for your staff, provided by EDC
  • Potential supervisory or mentoring opportunities for junior staff
  • Increase staff retention (evidence of lower staff turnover amongst people with a disability)

More Information

Would you like more information about the Supported Internship Programme?

Please get in touch with Rachel Thom, Supported Internship Coordinator, by emailing Rachel.Thom@eastdurham.ac.uk, or calling 0191 518 8284.