The Technical Academy's centre manager and stakeholder engagement officer with members from Seaham Scout Hut

Technical Academy Students To The Rescue of Scouts

Thu, 2015-02-05 15:59

A DIY SOS-style rescue mission has transformed a crumbling scout base into a HQ fit for generations to come.

The Farn Scouting Centre, in Parkside Road, Seaham, has been revamped thanks to skills of students at East Durham College’s Technical Academy, with £10.000-worth of labour and kit put into the project.

The project helped give tradesmen-in-the-making a chance to use their skills on facilities which will last for decades.

The college’s bosses also sought out support for the scheme from local companies which saw the donation of a heating system, including a boiler and radiators, along with DIY supplies such as paint and tiles.

In addition to a new look for the centre, the team also installed a replacement kitchen.

Construction firms also gave their backing to the effort, with the finished results unveiled during a special event at the hall to bring all those together with members of the troop’s members and leaders.

Students who worked on the building included those taking courses in gas maintenance, plumbing, plastering, heating and electrical skills.

The project came about after a parent who works at the college suggested it pitch in to help.

Rob Hutchinson, centre manager of the Technical Academy and stakeholder engagement officer, said: “They approached this with great enthusiasm and really stimulated by the challenge and really got stuck in.

“It was something they knew would be permanent and something they could be proud of.

“A lot of them are from the area, or live nearby, so they can say when they pass it that they helped put it all together.”

Dawdon Second Seaham Scouts, which also runs Cubs and Beaver groups, has thanked to the students.

Scout leader Elizabeth Armes said: “It was wonderful what they did for use, and all those who helped contribute to the kitchen and boiler.

“It’s much lighter now, brighter, because it’s been painted and much warmer because of the heating system and much more comfortable and welcoming.”

The building was used by the town’s Civil Defence groups before it became a base for the Scout.