Top Copper Motivates Students

Mon, 28/08/2000 - 01:00

A group of students studying on a Uniformed Public Services course were lucky enough to get the chance to spend the day being taught by a highly respected serving police officer.

David Tennant, an Inspector with over 25 year service at Northumbria Police, came into East Durham College to run a day’s training on police strategy and policy for dealing with incidents and emergencies.

The group spent the day learning about, and the differences between, critical incidents, major incidents and emergencies.

David taught the students about the Bronze, Silver and Gold command structure, operated by the police, for the command and control of major incidents and disasters - as well as explaining the role of the CIM (Critical Incident Manager).

The students then worked in teams on a case study taking on the role of officers in the Bronze, Silver and CIM command structure.

David said: “I was really impressed with their effort and aptitude. The case study was based on a theoretical incident that could occur at anytime within any policing area and the students’ decision making was very close to that which serving officers would have made.”

Gill Draper, Lecturer in Uniformed Public Services, added: “David is a very animated speaker and really gets the students engaged with the topic. I’m delighted he was about to give up his time to run the session with the students.

“It’s great to be able to call upon serving officers, such as David, who are doing the jobs a number of the students aspire to. They bring a wealth of different experiences that they can pass on to the students, really helping them to understand and retain the information. It also gets them excited about the course and their future careers.”

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