East Durham College Sixth Form ED6 student Sarah Maher

Top Film Institute Rewards Student With Mentoring Prize

Tue, 2015-04-14 16:43

An East Durham College Sixth Form (ED6) student has been selected for an amazing prize by the British Academy of Film and Arts for her work on a sci-fi short film.

A Level student Sarah Maher, 17, from Blackhall, along with other ED6 students worked alongside local charity Kids for Kids UK and Quay Animation Studios to create a Sci-Fi short film, using techniques they have picked up on their media course.

The 8-minute film, called IMPACT, was shot around East Durham College’s Peterlee Campus where the film’s premiere evening was also recently held.

And due to Sarah’s hard work on the project she was put forward by the team at Kids for Kids for an opportunity to have one-on-one mentoring with an industry professional.

And Sarah has been awarded this opportunity and will have a meeting with BAFTA and the British Film Institute before going on to the three month mentoring programme.

Helen Ward, from Kids for Kids UK, praised Sarah for her level of commitment and effort towards the project.

Helen said: “The team on the project were all together on nominating Sarah for the opportunity to receive BAFTA Mentoring as she showed a level of commitment to the project that was in a league of its own.

“She was also fully prepared to stretch herself above and beyond what she felt comfortable with and was happy to take risks as well as lead.”

Sarah was proud to be given this opportunity and thanked everyone for their work on the project.

Sarah said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to go out and work with an industry professional for three month.

“I can’t wait to walk in their footsteps and see what it’s like to work professionally in the film industry.

“Everyone who worked on the project worked really hard and we are all really proud with the final version of our film.”

Sarah is just waiting to hear from BAFTA on whom she’ll be working with as part of this fantastic opportunity.