Top Marks To The NHS

Tue, 21/03/2000 - 00:00

Steve Whitfield, an East Durham College tutor, working with the NHS at Flatts Lane and Saint Luke's onsite in Middlesbrough, has guided his 2008-2009 cohort of learners to a 100% pass rate for Numeracy.

44 of the learners were initially assessed at Entry Level 3, which is slightly below the level required for an NVQ programme. All went on to gain Level 1, then 39 went on to gain Level 2 (which equates to an A - C grade at GCSE).

Steve praised the diligence and meticulousness of his learners and pointed out how difficult and rare it is to make such progress within one academic year. Congratulations to all the learners, but also to Steve for enabling them to reach their potential.

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