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Traineeships - An Employer's Guide

Cross 16 up to 23 year-olds with Traineeships and some of the UK’s most forward-looking businesses, and what do you get? A fresh supply of young, talented recruits to give UK plc an extra competitive edge.

What is a Traineeship?

This new initiative is part of the government’s wider aim to ensure the future workforce possesses the skills that employers want in their apprentices and employees. The new Traineeship programme commenced in August 2013 and is designed to provide young people, aged 16 to 23*, with a tailor-made package of support that will give them the confidence, skills and experience to compete in the labour market.

And there’s good news for employers too

Traineeships offer employers the opportunity to shape young people’s training and experience, creating a larger pool of high quality applicants for your business sector to draw on.

In fact employers can influence the design of Traineeships in their local area to make sure they provide young people with the skills and attributes that will benefit their business.

The programme has also been designed to provide you with a significant period of time, up to six months, to work with the young person to ensure their skills are developed in a way they truly suits your business and to access if that young person is right longer term for your business. 16-23 year olds that fall into the followings categories: -

They are not currently in a job and have little work experience but are focused upon work and the prospect that it offers

  • Have qualifications below Level 3 if aged 16-18 or Level 2 if aged 19 or over
  • Have been resident in the EU for the past 3 years (and have proof of this)
  • Are keen, enthusiastic, reliable, and ready and eager for to start their career

Traineeships are designed to be as simple as possible and there are a range of routes so employers like you can decide how to get involved – from working with us to offer work placements to getting involved in designing and leading Traineeships yourself.

Contact Us

To find out how Traineeships can help your business please contact Joanne Bryson on 0191 518 5514.

Please note: Any learner, aged 19 or over, who has already achieved five GCSEs at grade C or above is not eligible for the traineeship programme. *Traineeships will also be available to young people who are aged 16 or over and under 25 who have specific learning difficulties.

National Apprenticeship Service Brochure

Employer Guide to Traineeships

Traineeship Video - Employers

Halfords harnesses potential talent by offering traineeships as a stepping stone to a permanent job.

Marsha Myles, Group Apprenticeship & Traineeship Manager, Halfords says: “Traineeships are a great win-win for us. We’ve recognised that a trainee who progresses into a permanent role is tremendously loyal and it is also one of the ways Halfords gives back to the community, as we only take unemployed or those not in education or training. From a business perspective it makes sense as well, we give candidates the opportunity to see what it is really like to work for us, which means we’ve greatly improved our retention rate as a result.”