A Tree-mendous Event

Tue, 24/07/2001 - 01:00

L to R Nick Eden (Arb Association Director), students Alan Winter, Gareth Stevens, Helen Wright, Mark Ellison, Joe Shipley (Lecturer), Adam Stock.

A group of arboriculture students recently got the chance to meet a leading authority in the care of trees.

Around 70 arboriculture and horticulture students and apprentices from East Durham College’s Houghall Campus, in Durham, attended a presentation given by Nick Eden, the director of the Arboricultural Association.

The students learned about the relevance and importance of the Association to learners and people working in the industry, as well as furthering their knowledge of tree care.

Nick Eden, the director of the Arboricultural Association, said: “I’m delighted to have been invited to Houghall to give this presentation to the students.

“Our aim is to help students throughout their careers so they can better themselves whilst looking after the environment and society by working to proper standards.”

Nick also hosted a quiz about the arb industry with the winner, Andrew Nesbitt, 21, from Houghton-le-Spring, who studies on an Extended Diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture, receiving a copy of ‘Fungi on Trees - an Arborists’ Field Guide’.

Andrew said:  “It was a very informative talk and an enjoyable quiz; all extremely relevant to our work and future careers. Anyone of my classmates could have won the quiz... I was just pleased that it was me!”

The students also got to register to receive The ARB Magazine, a free and well-respected source of current reference for the arboricultural profession in the UK which covers a wide range of topics of general and specific interest to all those involved with amenity trees.