East Durham College Peter Jones Enterprise Academy and Sunderland College Peter Jones Enterprise Academy get ready to do battle

Two Tribes Go To War

Fri, 2001-12-21 00:00

Last week East Durham College’s Peter Jones Enterprise Academy went to war.

Luckily it wasn’t as drastic as it sounds; they took to battle against their opposite numbers at Sunderland College’s Peter Jones Enterprise Academy at a friendly game of paintballing.

The two sides met at Massive Attack Paintball Centre, in Seaham, to battle it out for the spot of number one PJEA paintballers in the area.

Both teams braved the cold winter weather through a number of different game scenarios in an action packed morning.

Course lecturer Jill Campbell was happy to come back in one piece and hopes the sides can continue their friendly rivalry in the future.

Jill said: “It was a great to see both sets of academies come together for a morning of fun activities, even if it did sting a bit.

“We hope to continue this friendly rivalry over the rest of the year. Next up in a couple of weeks we have a football match taking place at the College between the sides which we will be hoping to win.”

The Level 3 Diploma in Understanding Enterprise and Entrepreneurship course at the new Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, East Durham College, started back in September and is the only course of its kind running in County Durham.

The programme gives a vibrant mix of theoretical and practical skills. This includes classes covering sales, marketing and finance - with the added opportunity for internships, work placement and students’ developing their own businesses.