Tyler Shows She Really Cares

Thu, 17/08/2000 - 01:00

East Durham College student Tyler Dobson has been singled out for high praise at the College’s recent student of the month awards.

Tyler, aged 16, from Peterlee, came to the College as part of the TDU (Transitional Development Unit) - an initiative set up to help Year 10 and 11 school pupils who are finding it hard to fit into the school system.

Fred Harrison, Assistance Principal, explains: “The TDU was set up to help young people, aged 14 to 19, who were at risk of dropping out of education and not making the most of their potential. The Youth Project ran by the unit particularly helps school pupils, like Tyler, who are not able to thrive in mainstream education and it offers them a more tailored, vocational and work related option.”

Tyler joined the programme from St Bede’s School and it has enabled her to find a vocation that really excites her, Childcare. She is now on a Level 1 Childcare course and can see a clear career path to follow so she can fulfil her ambition of becoming a nursery nurse.

Tyler said: “I was not really enjoying school and finding it hard to settle down in class. So this project has been great as I get to work in smaller groups and I feel the tutors treat me like an adult. I now know what I want to do with my life and understand that I need to work hard to get the career I want.”

During her first year on the Entry Level qualification Tyler achieved the highest grade possible and had a 100% attendance record.

Anne Richardson, Lecturer in Childcare at East Durham College, said: “Tyler has made a real impression on all her tutors and the rest of the team with her eagerness and commitment to work hard.

“Her enthusiasm for class discussions and all other activities is a pleasure to witness. She has shown an ability to think much deeper than is expected of a Level 1 student. She is an excellent role model for others.

“If Tyler continues this academic year with the same attitude and performance she should gain high grades, which will enable her to continue working towards her goals. She is very deserving of this award.”