Two agricultural apprentices holding lambs with text types of apprenticeships

Types of Apprenticeships Available at East Durham College

So, you're interested in an apprenticeship? Great! We offer apprenticeships in loads of different areas here at EDC.

Whether you'd like to work in an office, climbing the ranks to management or fancy yourself outdoors as a farmer, we've got an apprenticeship for you.

We work with a huge selection of employers from across the North East to offer apprenticeships in many different areas. 

You can register your interest in multiple areas at a time - simply navigate to the Register Your Interest in an Apprenticeship section of our website if you're ready to do so.

If you'd like more info about what each apprenticeship we offer is all about, simply give one of the options below a click!

Apprenticeship Types


Woman working on laptop with text accountancy apprenticeship

Those numbers won't crunch themselves! If you love working with maths, accountancy is a great choice with excellent career prospects. Almost every business needs an accountant!

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Smiling female student in hair salon with text apprenticeship vacancies

Get outdoors and work on the land with an agriculture apprenticeship! You'll learn a wide variety of farming-related skills and get to grips with everything from rearing cattle, growing crops and so much more besides! Give the picture or the link below a click for more info.

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Arboriculture (Tree Surgery)

Tree surgeon climbing trees with text Arboriculture Apprenticeship

With fantastic career prospects, a beautiful outdoor 'office' and the chance to learn loads of new skills, there's every reason to consider an apprenticeship in arboriculture (or tree surgery, as it's more commonly known!).

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Student working on pile of bricks with text bricklaying apprenticeship

Let's get the ball rolling! You can quickly and easily get started with East Durham College's apprenticeship team by clicking either the image above or the button below where you'll be whisked away to a handy form where you can enter in all of your details. Once that's done, a member of the team will be in touch with your next steps!

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Business Administration

Nails being painted with nail brushes and nail varnish at front of shot

Learn the fundamentals of business admin while you learn and earn at a business right here in the North East. Give the link a click below for more information on this apprenticeship.

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Children play with childcare apprentices in nursery

Working with children can be hugely rewarding - they're bundles of energy and will keep you on your toes, but you'll be making a difference to a child's life with an apprenticeship in childcare. Get started by clicking these links.

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Man jumping in front of a house in overalls with text construction apprenticeship

Build yourself a great career with fantastic options, great earning potential and the ability to work on lots of different projects with a construction apprenticeship! Click the image or the button below to find out more.

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Customer Service

Man working on stall at event with customers in background

There are very few jobs where excellent customer service skills wouldn't be useful. Whether you're working in a cafe, office or call centre, exceptional customer service goes a long way. Click either of these links for more information on these apprenticeships.

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Electrotechnical Technology

Electrician working on junction box with text electrotechnical apprenticeship

Here's a bright idea - a career as an electrician! An electrotechnical apprenticeship is a fantastic way to get into this field - many electricians get their start as an apprentice, and work with their employers towards further qualifications.

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Engineer working on metal with sparks flying. Text reads Engineering Apprenticeship

Engineers are in demand all over the world, working on everything from skyscrapers to the construction of huge bridges. With an apprenticeship in engineering, you can learn the ropes while earning and learning at the same time!

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Hairdressing & Barbering

Hairdresser smiles at the camera next to mannequin head. Text reads hairdressing apprenticeship

If you're creative with a passion for the hair industry, a career as a barber or hairdresser is in reach with an apprenticeship. Get your start today by signing up - give either of these links a click for more details.

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Health & Social Care

Younger hand on elderly arm with text health and social care apprenticeship

Health and social care can lead to roles in a wide variety of settings ranging from nursing homes to charities. It's all about caring for others, so if you're compassionate and hardworking, you'll find this career choice incredibly rewarding.

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Horse Care (Equine)

Horse leaps over fence with text horse care apprenticeship

Jump in to your brand new career in horse care (AKA equine) with a horse care apprenticeship! If you love caring for, riding horses or anything else equine-related, this is the career for you.

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Horticulture (Landscaping)

Gardener working with plants and text horticulture (landscaping) apprenticeship

Landscaping is the art of creating beautiful gardens and horticultural environments for clients. With an apprenticeship in horticulture, you can get outdoors and learn your craft from experienced horticulturalists.

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Horticulture (Sports Turf)

Horticulture apprentice next to lawnmower on football pitch

Keep sports pitches and the grounds in tip-top condition ready for play with an apprenticeship in sports turf horticulture! Give either of these links a click for more details on this potential career.

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Man adjusting tie with text management apprenticeship

Many employers are looking for talented people to rise up to lead their teams - with an apprentice in management, you're being taught from the start how to be an effective manager.

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Manufacturing apprentice working on steel beam

Manufacturing deals with just that - the creation of things. Whether you're working in a factory welding, assembling components, working with circuit boards or anything else in between, this is certainly an exciting career choice.

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Motor Vehicle

Young mechanics in high vis stand in front of car

What makes cars tick beneath the bonnet? Find out with an apprenticeship in motor vehicle (mechanics) and learn everything there is to know about car maintenance.

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Teaching Assistant

Teacher holding book with text teaching assistant apprenticeship

Teaching assistants work alongside teachers to support them in classroom environments, helping with day-to-day tasks, interacting with children, finding materials and much more.

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Team Leading

Team has a discussion in an office

Are you a natural leader? A team leading apprenticeship sounds right up your street! With this role, you'll be expected to lead effectively, and learn how to do that as you earn and learn.

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