View from High Houghall, Durham

UPDATE: Houghall Farm TB-Free

Wed, 25/08/2021 - 09:22

Several weeks ago, we outlined that an animal at Houghall farm was to be tested for TB. We are extremely happy to report that all tests have came back negative.

Please find below a statement from our Director of Farm and Commercial Activity, Paul Flynn:

I’m pleased to report that the carcass detained at slaughter does not have TB. The Animal and Plant Health Agency confirmed that the test was negative. As a precaution we have also tested all our cattle, we were given a clean bill of health with no reactors. All tests were conclusive.

Whilst the test did not interrupt our commercial or teaching operations, coming between our normal sales period, the experience reminded us of the impact this disease can have. Whilst we are largely free of TB in this region, we have taken additional precautions to exclude Badgers from housing and feeding areas. We mustn’t take this status for granted, much of the west and southwest of England carries a great burden through TB infestation. I’d encourage all farmers to plan and operate as though in a high-risk area, together we might be able to keep this disease in check, preserving the value of our stock and the viability of our businesses.