Durham City

Vocational Pathway To Higher Education

Studying many of our Level 3 courses will give you the UCAS points you need to progress into higher education (HE).

Plus, you'll also gain loads of practical experience that HE providers are looking for.

The table below shows a range of different courses and the how the grades equate to the UCAS tariff points.

KEY: D* = Distinction Star; D = Distinction; M = Merit; P = Pass

UCAS Tariff Points BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma BTEC Level 3 Diploma BTEC Level 3 90-Credit Diploma BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma BTEC Level 3 Certificate CACHE Level 3 Extended Diploma (Care) CACHE Level 3 Diploma (Care) A-Level Grades
168 D*D*D*         A*   A*A*A*
160 D*D*D             A*A*A
152 D*DD             A*AA
144 DDD         A   AAA
136               AAB
128 DDM             ABB
120           B   BBB
112 DMM D*D*         A* BBC
104   D*D           BCC
96 MMM DD       C A CCC
88               CCD
84     D*D*          
80 MMP DM D*D       B CDD
72     DD     D   DDD
64 MPP MM DM       C  
56       D*       A*
48 PPP MP MM D   E D A
40               B
36     MP          
32   PP   M       C
28     PP   D*      
24         D     D
16       P M     E
8         P