vTalent Year Volunteers Get On Their Bikes!

Fri, 26/05/2000 - 01:00

A member of staff and four vTalent Year volunteers, from East Durham College, recently took on the challenge to cycle a gruelling 50 miles within 1 hour to help raise money for Sport Relief.

The challenge was held in the Ian Prescott Sports Centre gym, where the team had to cycle the combined effort of 50 miles within the time limit.

The team who took part were:

·         Lucy Stebbing – Project Worker
·         Lauren Anderson -  vtalent year volunteer
·         Daniel French – vtalent year volunteer
·         Martyn Miller – vtalent year volunteer 
·         Jodielee Forster - vtalent year volunteer

Lucy Stebbing, said: “In the end the team managed to complete a whooping 63.3 miles, which was a fantastic achievement. We were all a bit sore the next day but it was well worth it.”

The vTalent Year volunteers are all enrolled on the 44 week programme which aims to give young people (16-25) the opportunity to directly influence and enhance public sector services and gain skills to improve their employability at the same time. They will also leave with a minimum of a Level 2 qualification.

The vTalent Year team are already looking for new recruits to start on a new programme in September. So if your 16 to 25 and unemployed and would like more details please call Liz Starkey, Volunteer Coordinator on 0191 518 5516.