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Welding is a skill that is considered essential to the manufacture of countless types of products - if you're looking for a start in the engineering industry, a course in welding from East Durham College gives you the opportunities you've been looking for.

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Welding is the art of fusing together metal using intense heat and machinery - it's an essential part of construction work, and is a highly regarded skill in both the construction and fabrication industry. 

Metal is used in countless applications throughout the world - whether it's in the construction of products for sale to customers, or its in the construction of a huge bridge spanning a river. Large civil engineering projects such as these bridges, pipelines and buildings require skilled welders to make sure their projects are completed to the highest standards.

Given the importance of the role to construction and fabrication, skilled welders can be expected to be paid a good wage too, with the average sitting on £25000+ at the time of writing.

Welding at East Durham College's Technical Academy

Welding courses at East Durham College are taught at the college's dedicated construction facility, The Technical Academy.

The Technical Academy was created to simulate working conditions welding students can expect to find in a real job, and as the TA shares space with many other fields including plumbing/gas, engineering and electrical work, students get to experience how different teams of construction professionals can work together.

On a welding course at East Durham College students can expect to learn the basics of welding to start with, including basic positioning work. Over time, you'll harness your skills and expand your knowledge with guidance from our trained welding professionals to move on into fields such as complex overhead positional welding and quality assurance.

Our aim is to make sure that students leaving us are equipped with all of the knowledge and experience they'll need to move either into higher education at university, or directly into employment as qualified welders. As welding is a transferable skill in demand all around the world, there's the potential for students to work almost anywhere, whether that be in the UK or worldwide!

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See below for the current list of welding qualifications we offer a the Technical Academy in Peterlee. 

Available part time course(s) for 2021/2022 are listed below:

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