Welding student at work at East Durham College's Technical Academy


Welding is a skill that is considered essential to the manufacture of countless types of products - if you're looking for a start in the engineering industry, a course in welding from East Durham College gives you the opportunities you've been looking for.

Students start with welding in 'basic positions' and progress to complex overhead positional welding and quality assurance.

Welding is a highly regarded skill within the construction and fabrication indurtry and current rates of pay for a skilled person reflects the importance of this role. Major civil engineering projects such as bridges, pipelines require high quality workmanship.

Welding is also a transferable skill, not confined to one country, so the skills and qualifications obtained in the UK are valid in Europe and Worldwide.

This course area is run at the College's Technical Academy in Peterlee. For general full time or part time course enquires, please call Student Services on 0191 518 8222.

To see full details on our current welding courses available, run at The Technical Academy in Peterlee, County Durham, please click on any of the courses listed below.

Available full and part time course(s) listed below:

These are the remaining courses available for applications that run in this academic year 2017/18. Please check the start dates within the specific course page itself. The courses for the next academic year, 2018/19 are listed in the next section below.

Available full and part time course(s) listed below:

The full time courses listed below are for the academic year 2018/19, starting September 2018. For part-time courses please see the start date within the course page itself.

Employment Stats & Facts In This Sector

Infographic detailing key employment stats in welding trades, these details can be found in the career coach section of our website