Why Become An Apprentice

There are loads of benefits to doing an Apprenticeship. Apprentices do real jobs for real employers, learning real skills.

So you can earn while you learn, and learn in a way that is best suited to you - through hands-on vocational experience that meets the government apprenticeship strategy for vocational learning.

Key benefits of being an apprentice include:

  • Earning a salary
  • Getting paid holidays
  • Receiving training
  • Gaining qualifications
  • Learning job-specific skills 

Earn While You Learn

Here's some important information about apprenticeship wages:

  • You are entitled to the National Minimum Wage. Click here for the latest details on the current minimum wage rate for an apprentice
  • This rate applies to apprentices under the age of 19, or apprentices over the age of 19 in the first year of their apprenticeship
  • You must be paid at least the minimum wage rate for your age if you're an apprentice aged 19 or over and have completed your first year

If you'd like more information on this, visit the Gov.uk website by clicking this link.

Some more stats and facts

  • Apprenticeships are already proving to be a successful and viable option to university. This year more than 800,000 apprentices are earning and learning.
  • Since 2010, 1.8m young people have started an Apprenticeship across 170 industries.
  • Research has shown that 86% of those who did an apprenticeship stayed in work afterwards, 67% with the same employer.

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To find out more information or to apply for an Apprenticeship, please call the Apprenticeship Team on 0191 518 5508 or email apprenticeships@eastdurham.ac.uk

Employers should contact our Employer Engagement team on 0191 518 5508 or email apprenticeships@eastdurham.ac.uk

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National Apprenticeship Service Brochure

You can also find out more details in the PDF leaflet below.

A Guide To Apprenticeship Brochure (June 2015 Edition)

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