The World Student Egg-jarping Championships

Mon, 29/05/2000 - 01:00

This Thursday saw students from East Durham College take part in the World Student Egg-jarping Championships.

Egg-jarping is a competitive sport similar to conkers but using hard-boiled eggs instead. The game is played between pairs of competitors who repeatedly knock, or jarp, the pointed ends of their eggs together until one of the eggs cracks; the overall winner is the one whose egg succeeds in breaking the greatest number of other eggs.

32 Foundation Studies and Land Based Operations students from the Houghall Campus each received a hard-boiled egg and were drawn out of the hat, FA Cup style, to find out their opponents.

The College held the inaugural World Student Egg-jarping Championships last year, but defending champion Matthew Bowron was on a day off today so was unable to defend his crown.

There was quite an atmosphere as the competitors were knocked out one by one as each round progressed.

We were left with Anthony Self, aged 18 from Seaham, the losing finalist from last year, against Louis Welch, aged 17 from Darlington. It was very tense as Louis jarped Anthony’s egg only for it to crack and Anthony was declared the World Student Egg Jarping Champion 2010.

Anthony, said: “It’s great to win and about time after coming so close last year.”

When asked for the secret of his success, he advised his tactic was to be the holder rather than the jarper, to hold the egg quite low with his hand cupping it and the narrow point of the egg facing up.

David Barrass, from Langley Park, an Essential Skills Lecturer at the College and tournament organiser, said: “I used to take part in egg-jarping as a child and wanted to revive the traditional County Durham sport.

“We like to come up with different activities for the students, some of whom have learning difficulties, to get them engaged and create a sense of team spirit.”

A spokesperson for the College, said: “The event has been such a success, everyone is buzzing. We will have to look in to inviting other College’s in the region to bring their Foundation Studies students to take part.”

The World Egg-jarping Championships have been held each Easter Sunday at Peterlee Cricket and Social Club since 1983. The 2009 world champion was Ann Watson from Peterlee.