Zombies Invade North East College

Sat, 2002-06-22 01:00

Performing arts students from East Durham College are getting prepared to host East Durham’s first ever zombie run event.

The grounds around the College’s Houghall Campus, in Durham, will see groups of paying participants being chased through the trees by gruesome-costumed ‘flesh eaters’, as the site is transformed into a quarantined zone taken over by a zombie apocalypse.

Originating in the USA, as a thrill sport involving runners avoiding zombies, East Durham College as developed the concept into a fully interactive ‘theatrical’ experience.

Taking further inspiration from Olympic opening ceremony curator Danny Boyle’s acclaimed 28 Days Later, on Friday 25th October over 100 students will be involved in staging the heart stopping event.

East Durham College performing arts lecturer, Billy Nicholson, believes this is the first time the zombie run concept has been developed to this level in the North East and that the students can’t wait to take part.

Billy explained: “This is a concept that has really taken off in the USA and the south of England with enthusiasts even spending weekends in forests and abandoned warehouses taking part in different zombie-based storylines. 

“And with Halloween coming up we thought it would be a fantastic idea to bring this concept to the north east and the East Durham area, turning our Houghall site into a frightening maze taken over by the undead.

“The experience will start as soon as you enter the bus to travel over to Houghall. Participant will be in grouped in teams of 10 go round the site trying to avoid blood thirsty zombies and get to a safe zone, taking on different life saving tasks along the way.

“We have over 100 of our students involved. Along with the performing arts students taking part, the hair and beauty students will be doing some gruesome make-up to create our zombies and they just can’t wait to bring it all together on the night.

“The make-up work that has been trialled by the hair and beauty students is great and looks truly terrifying.”

Student Dan Maddison, who will be one of the actors involved, added: “This has to be one of the most exciting projects that I have had the privilege of being part of. People taking part will definitely be left with their hearts racing.”

The event is limited to 100 guests, aged 14-plus, and costs £7 per person, which includes return transport, access to the event, a specially branded zombie-run t-shirt and a disco.

Transport is being laid on to Houghall from both Seaham and Peterlee. Buses leave at 7pm and the return at 10pm.

To book your ticket please call into the College’s Peterlee Campus or contact East Durham College Student Services on 0191 518 8222.